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Ana RocketQueen, 24, Argentinian anarchist, Guns n' Roses fan, lo-fi photography enthusiast, I have a master's degree in Izzy Stradlin appreciation and I'm pretty sure nothing half as good as Arrested Development will ever see the light of day. Free Web Counters
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The sound of your nightmares…


You wanna know how most metallic sounds in horror movies are made?

Introducing, the Waterphone (or H2OPhone), a very versatile and creepy instrument.

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Title: Under My Thumb Artist: The Rolling Stones 369 plays


The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb


“The Boys Wanna be Her” x Peaches



Artist: Alice Cooper 79 plays


Teenage Frankenstein - Alice Cooper

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Title: Toes Across The Floor Artist: Blind Melon 50 plays


Now I’ll just lay my head down beside this God of mine
And let that perverted thought burn a hole in my mind
And if I can’t lay my head beside this God of mine
Then maybe the hunter’s dog called God
Could be my friend in time

Toes across the floor | Blind Melon

Title: Where Eagles Dare Artist: The Misfits 813 plays


Where Eagles Dare - The Misfits

And every night, I shut my eyes, so I don’t have to see the light.

Faith No More (Just a Man)
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