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Ana RocketQueen, 24, Argentinian anarchist, Guns n' Roses fan, lo-fi photography enthusiast, I have a master's degree in Izzy Stradlin appreciation and I'm pretty sure nothing half as good as Arrested Development will ever see the light of day. Free Web Counters
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El gatito del afiche y su #canon G12

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Oppression is cooking being “women’s work,” while the overwhelming majority of top restaurant chefs are male.

Oppression is fashion being a “silly girl thing,” while the top earning designers and CEOs in fashion are male.

Oppression is reducing women to consumers profiting a male system, even in fields that we supposedly dominate.


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if you’ve ever wanted a gif of Marilyn Manson pushing Chris Evans well here u go

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Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi, offers a glimpse of an entirely different side to Iran than the image usually broadcasted by domestic and foreign media. In his photo series An Iranian Journey, many of the photographs reveal an Iran that most people never see, presenting an eye-opening look at the amazing diversity and contrasts that exist in the country.

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Tearing Europe Apart (larger)

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La Avenida Corrientes

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